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We are Bambootracker ERP, an IT consulting and software outsourcing company known for our deep industry experience and high customer satisfaction.

We collaborate with clients globally to solve their most pressing challenges from strategy through execution.

We transform our client’s vision to winning business solutions. We deliver the right IT solutions that build value, beats the competition and generate substantial, lasting financial impact for our clients.

Bamboo ERP is a group of industrious people and their technological and financial resources that exist within them, which is used to lay out a path, a direction, a process by which we progress. We identify, build and execute new levels of excellence by leveraging the intelligence and industrious nature of human resource and best practices.

Technology is our strong suit, and the team has highly diversified and in depth knowledge of what works and what will work and what is coming in near future. With our pulse on the technology landscape we are uniquely positioned to take the right decisions. Our team is woven together on social, professional and ideological similarity.

Arixle’s end game is to bring together like minded people from various domain based on the requirement and combine their strengths to build a flawless product. We work towards developing cohesive team that delivers quality result. Efficient and effective delivery can only be achieved when the right ‘quality of people’ is working with the right ‘quantity of tools’. This, not surprisingly, comes at a lower price as well.

Our objective is also in building a better tomorrow for all hard- and smart-working professionals by providing them with challenging projects that help them grow their experience and expertise. The ability to partner with our clients and consultants to deliver quality right-sized projects is why we are in existence.

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